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Chapter 1:



“The moon illuminated rain-spent clouds, bathing Rosebud’s greenhouses. The flowers sensed the light. Petals trembled, and a March breeze wafted the roses’ pungent scent into the white clapboard cottage of its owner. Ally Talbot woke, startled. She dreamed of a burning building, laughing skeletons leaping from the fire…”

A mysterious chemical fire ranges in Houston. Is Ally Talbot’s quest against Worldwide Chemical Samantha lost in a smoke? Find out yourself, with your copy of The Crestfallen Rose, available in all formats at Amazon and Downpour.


MIAMI, 6:00 A.M.
“David King Stood on the balcony of the old Miami Bay Hotel, absorbing the six a.m. sunrise on the Biscayene Bay. His right hand gripped Cuban coffee laced heavily with cream; his left, a cigar. An incoming tide caused ripples on the waves. The waters of the bay flowed past channel markers that guided boaters into the Atlantic. A wisp of smoke appeared on the horizon…”

A mysterious chemical fire smolders in Houston. David King agonizes over the impending confrontation with Worldwide Chemical’s lawyers. Will he prevail in court? Find out yourself, with your copy of The Crestfallen Rose.